Bamboo Builders

Nature of Business: Education
Areas of Impact: Provision of skill development

Bamboo Builders

About Us

Bamboo Builders is a distinctive social enterprise that builds social entrepreneurs. We do this by working with urban and rural schools throughout Southeast Asia to build confident, future-ready leaders of character who are community-grounded, yet relevant for the ASEAN region.

Many young people want to create change but do not know where or how to begin. Our threefold experiential program exposes them to Southeast Asia’s most pressing needs, trains them in critical skills, then empowers them to become social entrepreneurs in their own right.

Products & Services

1. Explore Learning Journeys to explore Southeast Asia's most pressing social issues.
2. Equip Workshops to impart social entrepreneurial skillsets and mindsets.
3. Empower Impact Projects that sustainably empower the community.
4. Offers CSR programmes to corporates for experiential learning journeys.


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