Nature of Business: Information & Communications
Areas of Impact: Provision of economic tools and services (e.g. financial access, crowdfunding, ecommerce)


About Us

Beam&Go enables and educates migrant workers, specifically Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), to achieve Family Resilience and Financial Security through a digital marketplace powered by fintech and an upskilling platform.

Through our service, OFWs will have financial control over their remittances, increase their financial capabilities and possess employable skills, resulting in a successful repatriation back to the Philippines.

Products & Services

The Beam&Go Marketplace is an alternative to remittance. It is a seamless cross border ecommerce platform, where an OFW can make purchases for her family back home, ensuring that they have their basic needs and solving the problem of spending abuse.

Our marketplace features supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants and delivery of rice and fresh goods throughout the Philippines.

This year, we introduced a digital wallet in Singapore. It is an enabler, allowing for easy top-ups and facilitating payments.

For our 3rd product, we will develop an upskilling platform – the Beam&Go Academy.

The Academy’s purpose is to find sustainable jobs and business ventures in the Philippines for OFWS and prepare them for these opportunities.

The revenue streams will enable a scalable and sustainable business to achieve the company’s social mission.

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