Fempreneur Secrets

Nature of Business: Education & Training
Areas of Impact: Provision of skill development

Fempreneur Secrets


About Us

We are an online community that empowers women to build purposeful businesses online. Through our workshops, courses and mentorship, we empower women to build sustainable, profitable and growth-oriented businesses. We have a 5-help-1 model, where for every 5 women who invest in their learning, we will invest in one woman from low-income families and marginalised communities to start a business.

Products & Services

Profitable Fempreneur Group Coaching Program: Launch a Profitable Business Online in 90-Days
Content that Converts Course
Digital Marketing Workshops
Fearless Fempreneur Membership: Be More Visible Online in a Female Community


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The BusinessForGood logo was created as a means of recognising and acknowledging that our social enterprise members are businesses that achieve social impact alongside sustainable financial return. More importantly, it helps the public to identify raiSE’s social enterprise members.