Drum Prodigy Singapore

Nature of Business: Arts, Sports & Recreation
Areas of Impact: Provision of education

Drum Prodigy Singapore


About Us

We provide inclusive music enrichment programmes, wellness programmes for people of all abilities in a non-competitive, positive & empowering environment.
We give people with special needs cognitive skills & social opportunities through health-drumming & wellness classes.
We provide talent development with our inclusive Drum Prodigy SG Ensemble, grooming talents to contribute to the Singapore arts scene.
We also provide on-job-training opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities to work in a music school environment.
We provide parents/caregivers/SPED educators music and wellness programmes and workshops to reduce burnout and improve their wellbeing.

Products & Services

DP ACADEMY: (1) Music enrichment and recreation programmes for persons with and without special needs, youth-at-risk and seniors; (2) Drum Prodigy Holistic Train-and-Place Programme for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities; (3) Drum Camps and Workshops

DP COMMUNITY: Health-drumming for Special Needs, Senior Citizens, Mental Health settings, Percussion programmes for VWOs, Schools, Early Childhood and Student-care centres.

DP CORPORATE: Unique team-building, creativity, mental well-being programmes for corporate wellness.

DP PRODUCTIONS: Digital Productions, Studio Recordings and AudioPost, Outreach Events, Annual Recitals and Programmes, Performing Arts Group (Drum Prodigy Inclusive Ensemble & World Music Band)


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