Coco Veda

Nature of Business: Beauty & Wellness
Areas of Impact: Provision of employment opportunities

Coco Veda

About Us

Coco Veda is a Singapore Social Enterprise that commits to Singapore’s Green Plan and 12 out of 17 of the SDGs. 

Our products are curated to solve 21st century lifestyle concerns to improve one’s overall health and wellbeing. The unisex range is handcrafted by a 100% women operations team who we upskill. Each product contains ingredients that are vegan and organic, such as our lead ingredient our certified Food Supplement Grade premium Virgin Coconut Oil which is sustainably sourced by the Farmer Cooperatives we support. The Coconut Farmers we work with in the Philippines earn under $2 a day and Coco Veda’s Mission is to uplift the livelihoods to above $5.

Coco Veda’s diverse product range in a nutshell is a blend of the Virgin Coconut Oil, other plant based extracts and essential oils to enhance its efficacy. 

Sustainability is embedded within our business model, so our entire packaging is reusable, refillable, and recyclable. All our washes and shampoos are waterless – you just need a few drops to lather, we really do practice responsible production. 

Products & Services

| Healthy Food | Personal Care (Hair, Facial, Lips, Oral, Body and Baby Care) | Wellness Relief Massage Oils | Pet Care | Bio-Clean | Personal Hygiene


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