Nature of Business: Information & Communications
Areas of Impact: Provision of health care/social care products and services (include disease/illness prevention and mitigation)


About Us

The company Biologic Technik Pte Ltd, is a Singapore deep-tech start-up. Focused in software technologies, medical devices and software coding platforms.

Products & Services

The BioPacer Program is a frail and fall prevention exercise to encourage a sustainable and habit-forming exercise regime for elderly. The program instructions and exercise can be delivered in a class-room setting. If required, the entire program or part of the program can be carried out by the elderly DIY at-home setting or at-centres or a blended experience. This flexibility is highly applicable in the COVID-19 situations.

The BioPacer app is equipped with instruction to explain the primary muscles group for each exercise. The actual exercise program is personalized to each individual fitness level. This is by achieving the optimal exercise intensity and interval; starting from the habit forming phase and progressing to more advance stage. Other than managing chronic conditions, there is a separate set of exercise to prevent fall as well as fall positioning. These are necessary to minimize injury in an unfortunate event of a fall. The BioPacer wearable device is used in a group setting to provide a periodic check on their gait weakness or strength. Serving as a immediate quantitative feedback of their individual status to further reinforce their exercise habit.


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