Happ Employment Pte Ltd

Nature of Business: Household Services
Areas of Impact: Provision of economic tools and services (e.g. financial access, crowdfunding, ecommerce)

Happ Employment Pte Ltd


About Us

Building a community that empowers connection while allowing for increased social, financial and digital inclusion for your Migrant Domestic Workers.

We support Helpers by:
1. BUILDING A COMMUNITY - Safe space for MDWs to support, engage and share with each other
2. INFORMATION HUB - Trusted and reliable database of MDW related information and articles
3. ETHICAL EMPLOYMENT AGENCY - Promise of quality service and fair employment practices. We never take a salary deduction or placement fee from the helper
4. ONE STOP PORTAL - Allows good businesses and services to reach and effectively market to and service MDWs, serving a highly underserved market
5. INCLUSION - Paves the way for social, financial and digital inclusion for MDWs

Products & Services

Happ: for Domestic Helpers

App available on the Google Play store and App Store.

With Happ, you can:
1. Find jobs with no placement fee or salary deduction - At Happ we believe in ethical hiring practices. We never take a salary deduction or placement fee from the helper.
2. Make connections with others and share your experiences - On the Happ app, domestic helpers can connect with other helpers. They can share their experiences, post a photo of their picnic gathering or ask questions or tips or recommendations from each other.
3. Earn rewards and vouchers - Helpers on the Happ app can do simple tasks to collect tokens, then use these tokens to exchange for cash vouchers to supermarkets, beauty shops and fashion stores


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