School of Concepts

Nature of Business: Education & Training
Areas of Impact: Provision of education

School of Concepts

About Us

School of Concepts is a social enterprise that creates, curates and offers literacy programmes for children under 12. It endeavours to give every child access to quality education regardless of income level or learning needs. SOC enrols and likewise, hires inclusively. A school that believes in walking the talk, SOC supports more than 100 families monthly to date and, offers employment and training to young adults with learning needs, physical and/or intellectual disabilities.

Products & Services

1. English literacy programme for learners under 12 years old especially effective for non-native speakers
2. STEM-focused workshops for children between 4-12 years old
3. Parent-child bonding workshops for children under 12 years old
4. Workshop kits (themes include sustainability, craft, ecosystems)
5. Adult training courses on working with children with special needs


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