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Apply for the Enabling Mark Awards 2024

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The Enabling Mark is a national-level accreditation framework by SG Enable that benchmarks and recognises organisations for their best practices and outcomes in disability-inclusive employment.

The Enabling Mark Awards recognises the efforts of organisations and individuals for their best practices, outcomes, and commitment in disability-inclusive employment.

Eligibility Criteria
To apply for the Enabling Mark, an organisation must:
- Be a Singapore-registered company or organisation
- Currently hire persons with disabilities
- Be a registered employer with SG Enable

Assessment Categories
In the application for the Enabling Mark, an organisation's practices and outcomes in disability inclusion will be assessed over 6 categories:
1. Leadership, Culture and Climate
2. Recruitment Practices
3. Workplace Accessibility and Accommodations
4. Employment Practices
5. Community Engagement and Promotion
6. Extent of Inclusive Hiring

The overall maturity level of an organisation across the 6 assessment categories would thus determine the Enabling Mark tier that the organisation will receive – Silver, Gold or Platinum, with Platinum being the highest tier.

Apply by 31 March 2024.
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