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InnovFest x Elevating Founders (InnovFest)

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Visit raiSE and our Social Enterprises at Innovfest on 29 - 31 May at the Social Impact Zone! Speak with our Social Enterprises to find out how they are using #TechForGood and creating social impact with their innovative products.

The theme for Innovfest this year is "Driving Innovation, Nurturing Talents: Creating Impact for Asia." It unites the diverse ecosystem from across Asia and the globe and also showcases new technologies and groundbreaking ideas.

With a focus on nurturing start-ups and catalysing entrepreneurship in the region, it grants exclusive access for tech start-ups to investors and the enterprise marketplace, delivering cutting-edge insights and trends in innovation to all visitors.

InnovFest brings together the entire innovation and enterprise ecosystem, including start-ups, venture capitalists, corporates, institutes of higher learning, government agencies, as well as the media.

See you there!
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