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Apply for NSCC HPC AI Innovation Challenge

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The Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) and National Supercomputing Centre are calling for innovative solutions!

Application for the National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC) Singapore High Performance Computing Artificial Intelligence Innovation Challenge is now open!

Join us in the HPC AI Innovation Challenge to leverage artificial intelligence and high performance computing to reimagine processes and accelerate solutions that will bring about sustainable enterprise growth, enhance citizen services, and build sustainable technologically advanced smart cities.

Participants are encouraged to showcase innovative solutions in these four key domains:
✅ Manufacturing, Trade, and Connectivity (MTC)
✅ Human Health & Potential (HPP)
✅ Smart Nation & Digital Economy (SNDE)
✅ Urban Solutions and Sustainability (USS)

This Challenge is open to government agencies, research institutes, local enterprises & students from institutes of higher learning based in Singapore. Shortlisted finalists are expected to deliver a prototype during the solution submission stage. Foreign organizations can collaborate and submit a joint proposal with local partners to enter this Challenge. They will be given access to resources including training, mentorship from subject experts, and HPC resources.

Applications close 10 January 2024.
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