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pioneer Event - Pioneers of Change: Harnessing Technology for Social Impact

Pioneers of Change: Harnessing Technology for Social Impact

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Join us for lunch at this fireside chat session co-organized by raiSE, NUS Enterprise and BLOCK71 Singapore, featuring two leaders in the tech for good movement.

Vivian Lee took a leap of faith during the Covid-19 pandemic to found Go!Mama, which today deploys lactation pods all over Singapore, solving a problem that has long plagued nursing mothers in urban centres.

Kevin Quah is an advocate of technology for good, founding Tictag with the aim of making data easy and accessible. Inclusive and accessible data powered by AI empower businesses to integrate social responsibility into their data operations and create income opportunities for disadvantaged communities.

We will also share about the new TS2 Start-up Accelerator initiative by raiSE and NUS Enterprise designed to scale the impact of tech-based ventures.

What to expect:
- Fireside Chat with Impact Pioneers: Gain valuable insights from seasoned social tech entrepreneurs. Learn from their journeys, challenges, and triumphs.
- Unlocking the Power of Tech for Good: Dive into the latest trends and innovations at the intersection of technology and social impact.
- Balancing Purpose and Profit: Understand how to measure your impact, attract investors, and scale your venture while staying true to your mission.
- Real Talk: Gain a candid perspective on the challenges and rewards of running a social impact venture. Learn how to manage double or triple bottom lines, overcome obstacles, and build a resilient organization.
- Join the Movement: Discover how raiSE and NUS Enterprise can support tech founders to embark on their impact journey.
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