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The State of Social Enterprise in Singapore 2021

raiSE has partnered with British Council to commission the 2nd "The State of Social Enterprise in Singapore" study, as part of a series of studies undertaken by the British Council around the world. This study builds and expands upon the groundbreaking The State of Social Enterprise in Singapore Study 2017 produced by the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise, raiSE.

The objective of this study is to provide a summary of the current size, scale, and scope of the Social Enterprise sector in Singapore. In addition, this study aims to contribute to the development of Social Enterprises globally by allowing other stakeholders to assess the sector’s progress and identify possible entry points for supporting the growth of Social Enterprises. An excerpt from the infographic summary can be found below.

Social Enterprises seek to achieve a range of social objectives! Popular areas of impact include:

Provision of Employment Opportunities
Provision of Skills Development
Provision of Products and Services to Improve Mental Health
Capacity Building for Organisations in Social Sector

Target Beneficiary Group

People and Families with Low Income
Social Service Organisations
People with Disabilities
Social Enterprises are making a positive impact for communities in need, supporting many beneficiary groups.
Vulnerable Youths and Children
Women and Girls

Social Enterprises are just like any other business,

operating in sectors we’re familiar with!

Education and Training
Health and Social Services
Fashion and Retail
Food and Beverages
Business Support Activities
Also, striving to succeed and flourish while doing good, contributing to a total sector size of $176 million SGD!
(source: raiSE’s Annual Report 2019)

This study was commissioned by raiSE and British Council, supported by HSBC. It was conducted together with Soristic Impact Collective and SEUK. It is a part of a global series of Social Enterprises studies that can be downloaded here.

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