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Social Enterprise Membership Framework

As an ecosystem builder, raiSE plays the role of qualifying Social Enterprises (SE) in Singapore. We define SEs as a business entity set up with clear social goals where there is clear management intent and resources allocated to fulfil social gaps and needs.

What this means is that in Singapore, a SE is a registered entity with ACRA, Registry of Societies, or Co-operatives that should derive majority of its trading revenue from the provision of goods/services to its consumer base and have at least 20% of the company’s resources allocated to addressing a social gap or need. In doing so, they also deliver social impact. Click here to learn more about the raiSE Social Enterprise membership.

Thus, one can say that SEs are geared towards a double bottom line of achieving social impact alongside financial returns. When both Business and Social aspects are managed strategically, a multiplier effect is achieved. A Social Enterprise is not one without the other and aims to use business as a vehicle to do good.

Sustainable Business
Social Impact Creation
Social Enterprise

The raiSE SE membership is an annual membership granted to SEs that meet the above criteria with an established track record in social impact. Provisional membership will be granted to companies and/or startups that have conducted due validation/pilot of their Social Enterprise model but have yet to establish track record of social impact. Upon achieving their social impact, the Provisional membership may be converted into a Social Enterprise membership after an annual review.

All Social Enterprise members of raiSE, provisional or not, are given the BusinessForGood logo to display on their website, storefront and marketing collaterals. They can enjoy the full membership benefits such as exclusive networking opportunities, advisory & capability development programmes, funding support and opportunity to be profiled on raiSE’s channels.