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Raising Awareness

Raising awareness of Social Enterprises in Singapore has always been part of our mission since 2015.

President’s Challenge Social Enterprise Networking (PCSEN) Event 2020

PCSEN 2020’s programme featured a panel discussion centred on key leadership lessons gleaned from the COVID-19 crisis and how it can be applied to encourage a more resilient and innovative Social Enterprise ecosystem.

While the COVID-19 global situation is unprecedented in terms of its impact to the economy, society, and people, it has provided opportunities for a new type of leadership that is able to drive collaborative initiatives for positive social impact. In the Social Enterprise ecosystem envisioned by raiSE, we set the stage for leaders in the private, people and public sectors to come together for a common goal, where in doing good together, we become stronger together.

Panel Discussion:
RIDING THE STORMS – Leadership for the New Norm
Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, Speaker, Parliament of Singapore
Ms Anita Fam, President, National Council of Social Service
Ms Karen Ngui, Head of Group Strategic Marketing and Communications, DBS Bank, and DBS Foundation board member
Mr Alfie Othman, CEO, Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise, raiSE
Dr. Kenneth Goh, Assistant Professor of Strategic Management, Singapore Management University - Moderator
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FestivalForGood 2020

FestivalForGood is raiSE’s flagship campaign to raise awareness of Social Enterprises and a celebration of the collective impact that Social Enterprises have in the region. Since 2016, FFG has been a success of rallying together the SE ecosystem and the public.

Event Highlight

Local & Regional Social Enterprises
Website Visitors
>6 Million
Impressions on Social Media
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Raising Support

Apart from raising support from the general public to purchase from Social Enterprises, we also raise support for the SE ecosystem through partnerships with both the private and public sector. As a venture builder, we connect our Social Enterprise members to valuable resources and network to lower their operating costs and build stronger business and social impact.

Discounted Services

The DBS Social Enterprise Package is an exclusive offer for raiSE SE members to open an account with no initial deposit and minimum monthly balance.

Peatix curated an SE package offering $500 free marketing credits and a lower platform fee of 5% per chargeable ticket.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many SE members were offering spaces, discounted services, and resources to other SEs in need. raiSE facilitated this with the addition of a marketplace feature in our membership portal.

Capability Development Partnerships

We curated a long term mentoring programme with a project team from RBI made up of cross-functional staff to increase support for F&B SEs through the COVID-19 pandemic.

EY conducted a masterclass titled “From BreakDOWN to BreakTHROUGH”, to help SEs navigate the chaos and strategise in the new normal.

PwC Singapore conducted a series of webinars in 4 key areas for SEs: Cash flow management and forecasting, measuring impact and the SDGs, workforce for the future and data ethics and bias.

We co-designed the Social Enterprise Ecosystem LEadership for Change and Transformation (SE.LE.CT) Programme with the Singapore Management University (SMU) Office of Executive Education.

Law Society Pro Bono Services organised various legal webinars for SEs to learn about their legal rights and obligations and get tips on running their business amidst the pandemic.

Provision of Spaces

We partnered with HDB to offer priority applications to HDB commercial unit spaces and discounted rental rates for SE members of raiSE.

CDL has dedicated a co-working space called Incubator4SDGs ran by a Social Enterprise for other Social Enterprises.

TTSH gave SEs priority application to retail spaces in the hospital.

raiSE provides office space at affordable rates for Social Enterprises at our location: premiSE.

Strategic Partnerships

South Beach Consortium was a venue sponsor for virtual FestivalForGood 2020.

DBS Foundation was a sponsor for virtual FestivalForGood 2020 and a presenter of the Public Perception Survey 2020.

raiSE partners NCSS closely to gain social sector insights.

raiSE partnered with British Council to commission "The State of Social Enterprise in Singapore 2021“ research.