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Public Perception Survey 2020

In 2020, raiSE commissioned a Public Perception Survey on Social Enterprises in Singapore as a comparative study to the earlier surveys done in 2010 and 2016. The purpose of the survey was to obtain insights into how public awareness and understanding of Social Enterprises and buying behaviour from these entities (collectively termed as “public perception”) have changed since 2010. We present the key findings in a full report, infographic summary, and explainer video. An excerpt from the infographic summary can be found below.

Do You Know About Social Enterprises?

Of all respondents,
62% are aware
Of respondents below 50 years old,
80% are aware

Higher Awareness Amongst Younger Individuals

Online platforms (75%) remained the top source of awareness for Social Enterprises.

Additionally, the public recognizes the unique hybrid social-financial nature of Social Enterprises.

Balance profits and solving social problems
Business actions aligned with social goals
Practices CSR

How Has Public Buying Behaviour Changed?

With higher awareness and recognition of Social Enterprises, how has the Singapore public’s behaviour and considerations changed when purhcasing from Social Enterprises? The study identified the following three segments.


  • Have bought from Social Enterprises


  • Have never bought
  • Intend to buy in the future


  • Have never bought
  • Do not intend to buy in the future

Ready Buyers Are Taking The Plunge

Since 2016, more Ready-Buyers have followed on their intention to buy from Social Enterprises. Individuals who were aware of Social Enterprises are also more likely to buy from them.


Price has increased to be the top consideration when purchasing from Social Enterprises.

Collaboration and Skills Are Key

Corporations prefer offering their services when engaging with Social Enterprises. The most common engagements are collaborations and skill-based staff volunteering.

Corporate engagements with Social Enterprises are ripe with opportunities to maximise social contributions and financial returns*.
*The 2020 survey asked working adults on their company’s engagement with Social Enterprises for further insight on Corporate Engagement.

The findings indicated that corporations look to Social Enterprises to lead them in making a social impact. Upon alignment of social goals, Corporate-SE collaborations can be a huge resource for Social Enterprises to scale in operation and sales, and can be an effective and strategic way for corporates to achieve their corporate sustainability agenda.