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How can Data empower your organisation?

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Dathappy's mission is to make sure that Data Analytics is understood and accessible by all organisations and individuals.

During this event, we will present what it is to leverage the power of Data Analytics in all areas of your business, to achieve the ideal outcomes that really make a difference.

We'll be discussing the potential of Data Analytics and how it can transform your business, complete with use cases and relatable examples.

We will also be incorporating a free data science strategy segment of the workshop.

Join us at the MPH 2 room of NVPC (Clarke Quay Central - 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #04-88 The Central Singapore 059817) from 2PM.

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2pm - 2:15pm : Registration & Networking
2:15 - 3:30 : Presentation, discussions, Q&A
3.30 - 4:30 : Data strategy and ideas generations (imagine with others organisations how to leverage on Data in your own organisation)
4:30+ : Networking

See you there.

This event is co-hosted with A Good Space – where changemakers flourish as a community to imagine and create experiences that expand perspectives across diverse social issues.
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