Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise, raiSE

raiSE was set up in 2015 to develop the Social Enterprise sector in Singapore through a cross-sector collaboration between the Ministry of Social and Family Development, National Council of Social Service, Social Enterprise Association and Tote Board. raiSE was officially launched by Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam, former President of the Republic of Singapore on 27 May 2015.


Our Vision

Sustainable social enterprises for a caring and inclusive society in Singapore


Our Mission

raiSE awareness on Social Entrepreneurship
raiSE support for Social Enterprises

Ecosystem Builder

As an ecosystem builder, we seed and nurture new social enterprises by providing advisory services, programmes, training, and resources. We enable existing social enterprises to grow and become sustainable by providing financing options, capacity building and mentorship.

raiSE seeks to connect with social enterprises and intermediary bodies in the region and share best practices with each other.

As there is a global shift in mindsets from a commitment to shareholders to a focus on stakeholders instead, therefore raiSE advocates for corporations to explore new and innovative ways to contribute to the development of the social enterprise sector. SMEs and MNCs in Singapore who are looking for more sustainable ways of corporate social responsibility can opt to make social enterprise a big part of their ESG goals and sustainability reporting plans.

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The role of raiSE in the ecosystem




Capacity Builder


Something for every Social Entrepreneur and Enterprise

We aim to work with the entrepreneurs to build the specific capabilities that will increase their capacity thus creating greater social impact. Some notable programmes that have contributed to the growth of our SE members are the raiSE Masterclasses, Fellowship Programme and GROW B.I.G Programme.

raiSE also curates talks, workshops and training sessions by industry experts which cover a range of topics, from marketing and public relations to legal and finance. These capacity building opportunities are offered exclusively to raiSE members only.

Some introductory workshops such as the Social Enterprise Development Fundamentals Workshops are open to the public and can be tailored specifically for Social Service Agencies (SSAs), corporations or any organisations which want to engage their employees in understanding more about Social Entrepreneurship.

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Fund Provider


Grow with funding support from raiSE

raiSE offers a range of funding options, including grants and investment opportunities across different stages of growth.

For example, support is provided to new or existing social-impact driven companies through the VentureForGood Grant and through investments into social-impact driven companies that are in their growth stage through the raiSE Impact Finance (RIF+).

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Network Provider


Bringing SEs together through events and networks

As a membership body, raiSE supports over 350 Social Enterprise members through their Social Enterprise journeys, from set-up to growth and expansion.

Ultimately, raiSE hopes to bring together the larger community of social enterprises, aspiring social entrepreneurs, corporations, supportive organisations and individuals through our various programmes, initiatives, and events to help build a vibrant social enterprise sector.

We organise meaningful opportunities for like-minded individuals in the sector to meet and collaborate. View our events calendar or subscribe to our newsletter to be updated with the latest events!

At raiSE, we endeavour to journey along with local Social Enterprises as they play a part in shaping a more caring and inclusive society in Singapore.

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Research Institution


Identifying Emerging & Unmet Social Needs

Together with the National Council of Social Service and other stakeholders, we regularly identify emerging needs and seek to understand the unmet social needs so that together we can diversify the social impact created. Gain insights into the Social Enterprise sector through our research publications.

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Competition Organiser


Join us and be a Changemaker

LeapForGood is a programme designed to help passionate change-makers evolve their thoughtful and innovative ideas into sustainable business solutions. Join us as a participant, or a research, outreach, implementation, or knowledge partner to address emerging social needs in Singapore.

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Professional & Support Services Provider


The premiSE

A shared office space, in collaboration with Singapore Pools, which aims to encourage networking and a collaborative environment by housing social enterprise start-ups from different industries in the shared office space. If you are a social enterprise looking for office spaces, do get in touch with us!

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