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Entrepreneur and Enterprise

We aim to build the pipeline for the social enterprise sector and improve the capacity and capabilities of our social enterprises in running their business and creating their social impact.



Understanding Social Entrepreneurship




Business with Impact Programme - A Social Enterprise Approach

This is an interactive and experiential 4 modules programme to help participants gain practical know-how in developing their Social Enterprise. Through the sharing of raiSE’s toolkits, insights, and case studies developed from our deep engagement with hundreds of Social Enterprises, startups, SMEs and Social Service Agencies over the years, participants will learn strategies to plan, implement and measure social impact via a sustainable business model.


raiSE REIMAGINE Programme

REIMAGINE is a 6-month programme designed for Social Service Agencies (SSAs) to develop their Social Enterprise (SE) initiatives without the need to spin off a separate business entity and for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to incorporate social impact strategically into their business and develop products and services to meet social needs.