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Join us for a bespoke programme to understand the practice of strategically incorporating social impact into your business, such that impact creation becomes a value creator, not a cost centre.

Through this programme, you'll learn how Social Enterprises are committed to a double bottom line of intentional social impact creation and sustainable financial returns. You’ll also gain a better understanding of the Social Enterprise ecosystem and how you can contribute and work with key stakeholders.

Business with Impact Programme - A Social Enterprise Approach

This is an interactive and experiential 4 modules programme to help participants gain practical know-how in developing their Social Enterprise. Through the sharing of raiSE’s toolkits, insights, and case studies developed from our deep engagement with hundreds of Social Enterprises, startups, SMEs and Social Service Agencies over the years, participants will learn strategies to plan, implement and measure social impact via a sustainable business model.


Key Modules

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Module 1: Social Enterprise Model to Achieve Double Bottom Line 

  • Understanding the Social Enterprise Ecosystem in Singapore
  • Leveraging impact as a value creator, not a cost centre
  • Aligning purpose and business activities with the Theory of Change
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Module 2: Social Innovation in Designing Inclusive Products & Services

  • Adopting the DRIVE framework to design, develop, and implement socially inclusive offerings
  • Measuring social impact with the raiSE Social Value Toolkit and other impact measurement frameworks
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Module 3: Financial Sustainability and Capital Raising

  • Understanding impact financing instruments and models
  • Ensuring financial sustainability while creating impact
  • Adapting your pitch for different forms of capital
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Module 4: Marketing Your Social Enterprise & Products

  • Aligning your social value proposition with your stakeholders
  • Articulating your social impact as a differentiation from competitors
  • Grow your business and social impact through effective communication

*To achieve the Certificate in Business with Impact, participants will need to complete the following modules
offered by raiSE within 2 years. Modules can be taken in any order.



Who Should Attend?

Recommended for seed/start-up SEs, individuals looking to start an SE, and SMEs who wish to incorporate social impact into their business. This workshop is open to the public. raiSE SE and Individual members will get a special discounted price.


Upcoming Run

  • [Thursday, 17 August 2023] Module 1: Social Enterprise Model to Achieve Double Bottom Line
  • [Tuesday, 5 September 2023] Module 2: Social Innovation in Designing Inclusive Products & Services
  • [Thursday, 28 September 2023] Module 3: Financial Sustainability and Capital Raising
  • [Thursday, 26 October 2023] Module 4: Marketing Your Social Enterprise & Products

Dates are subjected to trainers' availability closer to the workshop. Prior notice of 2 weeks will be provided should there be a change in programme date.

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Customised Workshops

For SSAs (Social Service Agencies), corporations, or any other organisations, raiSE also provides customised workshops to equip your team and stakeholders with practical skills for social innovation and social entrepreneurship, so you can effectively create sustainable impact to the community.


For aspiring social entrepreneurs seeking to develop an idea into a social enterprise


For youths excited to discover the impact and diversity of social enterprises.


For the Social Service Agencies interested in developing enterprising initiatives through the social enterprise model.


For corporations, from SMEs to MNCs interested to create sustainable social value and play a part in supporting the Social Enterprise Ecosystem..