Seven Clean Seas

Nature of Business: Energy, Water & Waste Management
Areas of Impact: Provision of employment opportunities

Seven Clean Seas

About Us

Seven Clean Seas directly removes ocean plastic pollution from the Marine Environment in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. We employ a cleanup crew of over 100 people who were made unemployed by COVID19 in the Riau Archipelago, Indonesia and have developed a river cleanup technology which will be installed regionally on some of the worlds dirtiest rivers. To date we have recovered over 3,300,000kgs ocean plastic pollution and have a 2025 target to recover 10,000,000kg ocean plastic pollution.
We build ocean impact projects and, empower communities to turn the tide on plastic pollution.

Products & Services

We are the first company globally offering Ocean Plastic Offsetting and Plastic Removal to corporate clients. This provides both a mandate to clean the oceans and the funding to do so. We also host many CSR Beach Clean events and Educational Talks.


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