Safe Water Gardens

Nature of Business: Energy, Water & Waste Management
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Safe Water Gardens

About Us

Safe Water Gardens (“SWG”) is a Singapore-headquartered initiative.

Inspired by a UNICEF post-tsunami sanitation solution for village homes in Aceh, we worked for 3 years with international governments, universities and companies to (cost)optimize this solution.
The result is the Safe Water Garden (SWG).
The SWG was subsequently recognized by the Indonesian government in early 2020, making it officially the world’s most cost-efficient sanitation system.

Its key benefits:

- Improves life quality (prevents disease particularly among children)
- Positively impacts the global environment (reduced pollution)
- Generates 3-10% household-savings, partly by recycling wastewater to power a chili garden
- Open source, affordable to all, locally buildable, maintenance-free
- It supports 11 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, critically SDG 2, 3, and 6

So far deployed in close to 700 village households & 14 public schools, the official recognition of the systems in early 2020 prompted lots of private and public interest to participate in the rollout. As such, we now aim for 100 million SWGs worldwide by 2030, through consolidating and extending our current private-public partnerships while exercising quality control of this global operation via our Singapore-based HQ. The goal is that everyone benefits: our partners in the roll-out must find a key role that suits them, while the end-users will get access to universally affordable and life-changing sanitation.

Products & Services

Based on the SWG sanitation system, we provide the following services:

- Training and capacity building
- Construction expertise, technical support & quality control
- A digital central platform for advocacy and sharing
- Develop, implement and/or support social engagement campaigns
- Research & Development
- Consulting for tailored deployment
- Standards and regulatory work
- Turnkey constructions


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