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Our Journey Pte Ltd

Our Journey Counselling And Wellness Pte Ltd

We provide organisational consultation and self-care programmes to support VWOs ...
ProAge Pte Ltd

ProAge Pte Ltd

ProAge is an accredited consultancy for workplace health by the Health Promotion...
Prosthetic Company Private Limited

Prosthetic Company Private Limited

The Prosthetic Company is a social enterprise which trains and employs PWDs to h...


QuantumTX provides a safe and gentle muscle-activation programme that brings use...
Reach52 Pte Ltd

reach52 Pte Ltd

reach52 is a data-driven social enterprise that builds health access for 52% of ...
Red Balloon Therapy

Red Balloon Therapy

We provide art therapy services and customised workshops for the community to pr...
Red Crowns Senior Living Pte Ltd

Red Crowns Senior Living

Red Crowns Senior Living provides coliving homes for elderlies aged 55 and above...
Roamassist Pte. Ltd.

Roam Assist

We are RoamAssist, a startup spinoff from the National University of Singapore, ...
Rolling Pineapple Pte Ltd

Rolling Pineapple First Aid Training Centre

We are an accredited first aid training centre, equipping companies and families...
Rosebrook Developmental Centre Pte Ltd


We provide fully integrated developmental programmes for persons who are typical...
S17 Kitchens Pte Ltd

S17 Community Kitchens

S17 Community Kitchen is located at the heart of 1200 units of rental flats, as ...
Sancare Asia

SanCare Asia

SanCare Asia is Asia’s first & only elder-care service company offering person...
SCW Automotive Pte Ltd

SCW Automotive

We provide the Retrofitting of Ambulances and Handicap Transportation for Ambula...
SenzeHub Pte Ltd


We provide products and solutions for senior care to ensure their health and saf...
SG Assist Pte Ltd

SG Assist

SG ASSIST started out as a formal solution for caregivers in the sandwich genera...

The BusinessForGood logo was created as a means of recognising and acknowledging that our social enterprise members are businesses that achieve social impact alongside sustainable financial return. More importantly, it helps the public to identify raiSE’s social enterprise members.