Acestes Pte Ltd

Nature of Business: Professional Services
Areas of Impact: Provision of employment opportunities

Acestes Pte Ltd

About Us

Acestes was set up in 2014 to provide a one-stop solution for security, investigation, insurance claims adjusting, and training. Acestes seeks to be a platform for the urban poor to improve their livelihood and regain their self-respect through stable jobs and increasing real income in the security industry. Through our 100% local recruitment policy and progressive business practices, we have helped many fellow Singaporeans and beneficiaries gain financial independence and a progressive career.

Products & Services

Acestes provides a wide range of services in the security, investigation, insurance claims adjusting, and training :

Security services include:
- Supply of security manpower for property, events & bodyguards
- Children protection
- Security management & consultation
- Security equipment & integrated system
- Software security
- Cyber security
- Event management

Investigation services include:
- Surveillance
- Due diligence
- Locate missing persons
- Personal conduct check
- Theft investigation
- Matrimonial check
- Employee background check
- Brand protection

Claims adjusting services include:
- Motor claims adjusting
- Property damage survey & adjustment
- Third party direct settlement
- Insurance accident investigation
- Workman injury investigation & surveillance

Training - Security skills and Lifelong skills


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