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Operation Broken Wing 2019

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Operation Broken Wing is an event designed to help Fitness Enthusiasts or the general community engage in social good by using their fitness for a good cause to help raise funds for youths at risk or similar beneficiaries. In 2017 the event raised S$175,000 to fund programs that help in the rehabilitation and reintegration of troubled youths.

Unique participants of OBW included Paralifters, Paralympians, Kids aged 8 years old and seniors aged 73 years old. We believe that everyone can use their fitness, regardless of extent, for a good cause. A short clip of OBW2017 can be found at this link :

When and Where is OBW 2019?
Venue : Tampines Hub (The Arena)
Date : 26h January 2019 (Saturday)
Time : 9am to 430pm
(Yes, seeing that other events are happening on the same day, we've extended the hours of OBW such that everyone can make it down, who doesn't love double days!?)

How do we raise funds?
The main event would be the workout during OBW. In this workout, participants of the events will do an 18 minute workout chalking up as many repetitions of different movements in the workout. Every successful repetition performed by participants will translate into an amount of choice, donated to the beneficiary by a sponsor, which may be individual or corporate. Participants of the event would have to source for their own individual sponsors for their efforts in the workout. There would be various sponsorship categories for different amounts. A short clip of OBW2017 can be found at this link :
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