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SEWF Digital

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Join SEWF Digital to connect with thousands of leading social entrepreneurs, access world-class content and be part of the world’s biggest social enterprise conversation

This September, Social Enterprise World Forum C.I.C. (SEWF) is going virtual to hold our biggest event to date. SEWF Digital will champion the potential of social enterprises – small and large, rural and urban – to bring about inclusive and sustainable economic development. The week-long programme will feature keynotes and plenaries from around the world with live Q&A, online networking, partner-organised sessions and participant nominated content. Speakers will include leading social entrepreneurs and changemakers from across the world with over 4,000 participants from over 50 countries.

Programme: The outline programme is available on our website with many sessions included in the schedule below where you have the option to add them to your calendar.

SEWF Digital event week features three parts:
1. Monday/Tuesday focuses on connecting and learning through masterclasses, group discussion, spotlight sessions, and nominated content (content nomination for registered participants closed 31 August).
2. Wednesday/Thursday room partitions come down (virtually) with a series of keynote addresses and plenaries that will inspire and encourage action.
3. Friday will focus on reflection and next steps as we close the event.

Each day the programme will start in Oceania/East Asia moving west to Africa/Europe/Asia and finishing in North, Central and South America. This means that no matter where you are in the world you can access live content and networking during your day. Content will also be recorded so that you can access it at any time up until September 2021.

SEWF DIGITAL: Additional information

Dates: Monday 21 September – Friday 25 September 2020

Times: 06:00 BST (UK) – 20:00 BST (UK) (start and end times vary each day). Please note that Hopin adjusts the programme timing to the time zone you are in. However, we recommend that you check the time shown on Hopin with the programme on our website (available soon) and your time zone.

There is a ticket cost to attend the event as although the event is virtual it still involves considerable resources. As a social enterprise we do not intend on generating a profit rather we want to encourage the biggest ever virtual social enterprise conversation and provide a space for the social enterprise community to connect. We aim to achieve a balance between ensuring SEWF is both enterprising and sustainable while making the event as accessible as possible. We thank all our partners and sponsors for their support, which has significantly reduced the participant fees.
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