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Yellow Ribbon Singapore (YRSG)

Ex-offenders / ex-drug abusers

Yellow RIbbon (formely known as SCORE) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Home Affairs. It seeks to enhance the employability of offenders and prepare them for their eventual reintegration into the national workforce by focusing on training, work, employment assistance and community engagement.

Tsao Foundation


Tsao Foundation is a non-profit family foundation focused on promoting successful ageing and active ageing. Practical guides and checklist for active health promotion, disease management and stress prevention available on their website.

SG Enable

Persons with Disabilities

SG Enable is an agency dedicated to enabling persons with disabilities. Their key functions of include:Enhancing information and referral services for child and adult disability schemes; Administering grants and support to persons with disabilities and their caregivers; Improving transition management across different life stages; Enhancing employability and employment options for persons with disabilities; and Rallying stakeholder support in enabling persons with disabilities.

Beyond Social Services


Beyond Social Services curb delinquency among disadvantaged young people and their families and to move them beyond their problems. They strive to develop young people who respect the law, value education and seek to become responsible persons.

Children-at-risk Empowerment Association


CARE Singapore exists to help vulnerable young people find direction, hope and success. They employ a multi-dimensional approach that engages and empowers youths, schools, families and communities.

Children’s Society


Children's Society operates 11 service centres island wide, offering services in the four categories of: Vulnerable Children Services, Children and Youth Services, Family Services, and Research and Advocacy.

Community Development Councils (CDCs)

Individuals from low-income households

CDCs plan, manage and initiate community programmes to promote community bonding and social cohesion. They also provide various community and social assistance services.

Bizlink Centre

Persons with disabilities

Bizlink is a non-profit organization that provides comprehensive employment services for disadvantaged people, especially the disabled.

Singapore Association for the Deaf

Persons with disabilities

Singapore Association for the Deaf assists the Deaf to achieve a better quality of life and enable them to integrate and contribute to society.

Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped (SAVH)

Persons with disabilities

SAVH helps to facilitate and encourage greater participation of the visually handicapped in the administration of their affairs and activities. It also helps the visually impaired acquire new skills and gain self-reliance to cope with integration into society.